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Shoe cleaning for your business. Finally possible. 

Scalable, profitable and automated.

Shoe washing machine

  • Designed specifically for shoes, our machine cleans them thoroughly without spinning, damaging the material or loosening glue. 

  • Different wash cycles for all types of materials and “types of shoes”.

  • One machine cleans up to 36 pairs per hour.

  • Our innovative machine impresses with its simple operation; Quality and longevity.

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  • Our shoe dryer is minimalist in design, space-saving and impresses with its efficiency and a drying capacity of up to 40 shoes of any kind at the same time. 

  • The drying time is only     approx. 20-40 minutes.

  • The special feature: our shoe dryer has built-in “disinfection technology” which has a disinfecting or sterilizing effect of up to 99.9%. 



  • Two special recipes, each developed for textile and leather

  • optimal cleaning power without attacking the glue and other parts of the shoe

  • Provides leather shoes with the necessary moisture by “re-greasing” during the cleaning process

  • easy to dose in liquid form

  • Made in Germany: Both the development of the formula and the production take place in Germany

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Sales couldn't flow more conveniently.

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