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Hi, we just love clean shoes

The world's first

Shoe cleaning technology

for your business


realize sales

Our  Shoe cleaning technology cleans and cares for all types of shoes. fully automated. 

Our innovative solution opens up new sales opportunities that previously remained unused.


By expanding your offering you increase your attractiveness. Become an all-in-one provider for every piece of clothing your customers have.

Customer Lifetime Value

Increase the value of every customer by expanding your offering and retain important customers with your company for longer. 

Offer your customers a comprehensive overall package.

Customer problem

Where can customers have shoes serviced professionally and regularly?

Right, nowhere. 
Recognize the pulse of the times and the associated customer wishes.

Become a full service provider




By implementing shoe cleaning into your business, you offer your customers a service for all essential clothing items. Your customers will be thankful.

Our solution for you

1. Shoe washing machine

  • Specially designed just for shoes, our machine cleans them thoroughly without spinning, damaging the material or loosening the glue.

  • Patented Cleanz technology

Shoe washing machine
Gentle cleaning_edited.png

2. Shoe dryer

  • Our shoe dryer is minimalist in design, space-saving and impresses with its efficiency and drying capacity for up to 40 shoes of any kind at the same time.

  • Has a built-in “disinfection technology” which has a disinfecting or sterilizing effect of up to 99.9%. 

Shoe dryer

3. Shoe detergent

  • Two special recipes, each developed for textile and leather

  • optimal cleaning power without attacking the glue and other parts of the shoe

  • Provides leather shoes with the necessary moisture through integrated “greasing” parallel to the cleaning process

Shoe cleaning products

The industry’s missing piece of the puzzle

The only cleaning method available for shoes is the manual cleaning process.


The consequence: The entire industry does not generate regular and scalable sales from cleaning shoes.  When it comes to shoe cleaning, time seemed to stand still, until now. 

I've probably seen it before...

The idea for the extraordinary business came about through his own passion


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